Orthotic & Prosthetic Unit

About Orthotic and Prosthetic

Prosthetic is a specialty within the field of health care technology concerned with the design, manufacture and application of prostheses. Prosthesis (prosthetic device/product): externally applied device used to replace wholly, or in part, an absent or deficient limb segment. Common examples are artificial legs or hands.

Orthotics is a specialty within the field of health care technology concerned with the design, manufacture, and application of Orthosis. Orthosis (orthotic device/product): externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems. Common examples are braces, splints and supports.

Prosthesis/orthosis enables a person with disability or functional impairment to remain active, productive and independent, participate in society and lead a healthy and dignified life. A good quality orthosis/prosthesis when appropriate to the user and the user's environment has a significant impact on the level of independence of the user and reduces the need for formal support services.

Medmen Orthotics and Prosthetics

The Medmen Orthotics and Prosthetics wing of Medmen was launched in December 2017 and manufactures customized Orthotic and Prosthetic Products against Doctors prescription and Customer requirement. Each product is crafted by Qualified Prosthetic technician to precision and comfort of the Customers. Medmen is the only private sector manufacturer for Orthotic and Prosthetic Products in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We ensure quality and customer satisfaction to the highest level. We have a state of the art manufacturing unit that is located in the industrial area in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Aims / Goals of the unit

Self care:-
To provide interventions that helps the patient to carry out daily living activities, independently.
E.g. Eating, Dressing and Toileting

To provide interventions that enables the patient to move around in the community.

Functional independence:-
To provide interventions that assists the person to develop desired real- life skills, for daily routine activities. They may include meal preparation, house cleaning etc.

List of products.
1. Ankle Orthosis
2. Knee orthosis
3. Ankle foot Orthosis
4. Upper limb Orthosis
5. Fracture orthosis
6. Diabetic shoes
7. Lower limb prosthetics
8. Upper limb prosthetics
9. Breast Prosthetics
10. Artificial limbs or supports.